I’m a cover girl!

I saw the cover of the latest issue of Marlin Magazine today and I was blown away to discover that its one of my marlin photographs. It’s always a happy surprise to have a marlin photo feature in the Bible of our fishing industry, but to be on the cover exceeded my expectations!  My first cover!

I have had cover pics before and my images have graced the cover of the IGFA Annual Yearbook, Bluewater Boat & Sports Fishing Magazine, NAFA (National Australian Fishing Annual) Magazine and What Tradies Want to name a few, but I’d never had one of my marlin pics on the cover of Marlin Magazine before. So I told myself. And then I doubted myself so I went and checked and yes, its totally my first cover.

What makes this issue even more special for me, beside from its impeccable timing (the giant black marlin season is just beginning in Cairns right now!) is that I also have the Hot Shots double page spread in this issue as well. So excited!

Photographing marlin is among my favourite thing to do. Other favourites include photographing birds lol. And I’m lucky enough that I get to photograph marlin off Cairns every year. But every year I wish I had more of this or that. This year I just hope I have enough time. I’m not doing a full season – only half. So please the weather and fish gods shine on us for November please.