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Why buy stock directly?


Revenue goes direct to photographer

Do you ever wonder why really good marlin images are hard to find on the big name stock sites such as iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe?

Well, the incentive for photographers to offer their images as stock via the big name stock sites is very low.

You might think well why wouldn’t photographers want to sell their images as stock. Lots of sale equals lots of money right? Well no, actually, lots of sales = very little money.

On average, stock sales pay the photographer less than $1 per image.  Often much less than 50cents.

So your hard earned images – the photo equipment, training and opportunity of being in the right place at the right time for 50cents! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!?! Not.

When a photographer sells an image directly on their own site, 100% of the revenue or sale price goes directly to the photographer (minus a few niggly things like taxes and costs of running the website, payment portal commissions of course).

So buying direct you are better supporting the photographer with your shopping dollar rather than the big businesses that are the big name stock sites.
(Of course I too sell a limited number of my images on the big name sites, but they have the traffic, so its a catch 22!)

Please support the photographers in your industry by buying your marlin stock photos directly!


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