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I've spent years photographing marlin on the east coast of Australian in particular the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island (K'gari). The marlin photo & art prints you find on these pages are a combination of my love of marlin photography and creative flow inspired by life at sea!

Marlin Photo & Art Prints

Shipping World-wide in a tube or flat reinforced with cardboard. Most economical shipping option.

Framed Marlin Photo & Art Prints

Gallery Printing & shipping from Australia & United States. Other countries by shipping quotation.

Canvas Marlin Photo & Art Prints

Hand stretched with protective coating. Available in Australia and United States only.

Marlin Photo Digital Downloads

Instant download of high resolution file for printing at your location. Image is licensed for personal use only.

Marlin Photo & Art Print Options in Detail:


Slimline white or black wooden frames (approx 3/4 inch or 2cm).

The image is protected by high quality acrylic (rather than glass) which is more light weight and safer for shipping.

Turnaround 5-10 days

Options: White matt or printed right to the frame (no matt). Matt size will depend on the size of the frame you choose.

Customisations (get in touch) include framed canvas or canvas float frames.

Turnaround 5 days.

Using durable photo papers, long lasting and of the highest quality.

Read the photo description for more information on the photographic paper/cotton rag chosen for the print depending on the colour range or mood as outlined below.

True Colour
Vivid Colour

Beachy, colour desaturation. The colours are softer but the subject is just as clear and sharp as ever!

Photo Paper:

Generally pastel mood prints use are printed on a semi gloss Lustre paper (Kodak in Australia, Fuji Film in the USA). Its surface is slightly textured with a truly luxurious feel.

Shop by Pastel Mood.

True Colour
Natural, true to life colours of the actual day on the water.

Photo Paper:

Generally true colour prints use are printed on a glossy paper which offers the most vibrant colors with an ultra-smooth and highly reflective glossy finish on a professional true photo printing paper.

Shop by True Colour Mood.

Bold colours and contrast. Extracting more life out of a lively scene.

Photo Paper:

Generally vivid mood prints use are also printed on glossy paper to showcase the vibrant colors. Occasionally, especially for sunrise and sunsets I might select a metallic paper instead to make those colours pop!

Shop by Vivid Mood.

Black & White
Moody and bold. Aiming for dark blacks and bright whites with not a lot in between.

Photo Paper:

With black and whites I will typically choose a 100% cotton fine art paper. It has a rich finish and a vaste range of black inks are available. It’s the perfect choice, for high-contrast black and white prints.

Shop by BW Mood.

Print & Image Sizing

While custom sizes are available by request, generally prints are available in three sizes which I’ve defined by marlin industry vernacular as:

“Fat Rats” are what we call a chunky males. Fat Rat prints are 12 x 18 inches = 30 x 45 cm

“Mid Rangers” are typically fish in the 500-600lb range and the associated print size is 16 x 24 inches = 40 x 60 cm

“Granders” are the pinnacle of the sport. Fish in excess of 1000lbs. The largest prints I offer. 24 x 36 inches = 61 x 91 cm

“One size” refers to digital files  which are provided in full resolution (no watermark on any purchased files). If you would like to know the dimensions of an image, get in touch!

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Need More Inspiration
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