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By Kelly Dalling Fallon

Marlin stock photos

For a fishing charter business and website, nothing is more important than illustrating your business -
what you catch - by way of fishing photography. Enter marlin stock photos.

I understand that not everyone has as many opportunities to take photos on their boats while fishing as I do. Which is why I began selling marlin stock photos (marlin and other species) for business websites over 5 years ago.

I have a large library of marlin photography which includes large scale marlin photographs for website homepage banners right through to smaller size marlin photos to illustrate different parts of your websites.

Not marlin photos you are after?
That’s okay, I have a library of other pelagic and estuary species as well.

However, if it is marlin in particular you are after, I’m your gal!

Marlin photos are more niche than typical business stock photos and there is only a very limited selection available.

Many times this means the same stock images are used again and again.

But you will want to stand out from the crowd!

If you want your website and business to stand out from others, I can supply images that have not (ever) or have seldom been used elsewhere to make your business and website unique.

And therefore you don’t have to worry about your site being cookie-cutter like all the other marlin fishing businesses out there.

And you can concentrate on your reel business which is fishing!

Marlin stock photos

What are stock photos?

The purchase of stock photography is the granting of a license by the copyright holder (ie. the photographer - me) for an individual or business to use an image in a commercial setting ie. on their website and promotional materials.

An image may not be used commercially (ie. to represent your business) without permission from the copyright holder.

"There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Australia. Copyright protection does not depend upon registration. It is free and automatic. A photo is protected by copyright automatically from the moment it is taken."

Soemthing in mind?

If you would like me to put a selection of images together, get in touch. I have about 15,000 marlin images all-together from almost 20 years of fishing the east coast of Australia.

Fish Species

My largest collection is of giant black marlin and juvenile black marlin. Although I also have blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish images as well as other pelagic and reef species.

Instagram Inspiration

You can go through my @kelldallfall Instagram account or my online stock gallery for some ideas. Get in touch for more information.

Photo image license

Want to know what a standard image license usage agreement entails? Read on here.

Standard Stock Images

Unique stock photos for websites and promotional materials as well as images for clothing, other on-sell printing and large scale magazine runs.

Premium Stock Images

I also provide premium stock images for both being images that are harder to capture and a level above. I can also provide exclusive image licenses.

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